Hands that Heal

Hands that Heal
Within Each of Us Exists a Still Point

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

$25 for a 50 minute Reiki Session at Ambermoon Wellness

I'm happy to announce this special June deal to you! Please join me for a 50 minute Reiki Session at Ambermoon Wellness located within the Zev Yoga studio in downtown Portsmouth, NH. Schedule online now

Still Point Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Are you interested in becoming a Still Point Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher? Developing instructional skills in prenatal yoga allows you to add an entirely new dimension to your career as a yoga teacher and childbirth educator. In this 40 hour training, you will be taught the skills and given the experience to develop classes for students that are overlooked by traditional yoga practices. More importantly, you will be able to help mothers-to-be relieve the aches and pains that are often associated with pregnancy. Hosted by ChildLight Yoga 453 Central Ave, Suite 103, Dover, NH July 27-29, 2012 August 5, 2012 Fee: $425 prepaid plus $25 for manual due to instructor on first day of training Register online HERE!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Still Point is Expanding

Beginning September 1st, Avantika will be moving her office to beautiful downtown Portsmouth, NH to 16 Market Square, within the Zev Yoga Studio.

The next Still Point Training starts Friday, January 13th. This marks the third year of this amazing training!
We will meet on the second weekend of each month for six months. The current cost for Level I of the training is $1250, including tuition, online homework and monthly sessions. This payment can be made in full or monthly payments are available. Zev Yoga Studio members and current clients will receive a $100 discount. This is an amazing price as comparable programs usually cost $4,000 - $8,000.

For questions or to register for class, please contact Avantika directly at: 207-337-0456.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Still Point Life Coaching Program

Individualized Training for Transformational Leadership
The Still Point Healing Method is a holistic approach to physical, mental, and emotional health. The Still Point Healing Programs are specifically designed for people seeking in-depth instruction in hands-on healing, coaching others toward success and consistently attuning to a sustained vibration of consciousness while learning to assist others in doing the same.

We are an organization of practitioners dedicated to the promotion of health and well-being through compassionate listening, co-creative consciousness and teaching the tools that facilitate positive, long-term change. We are here to empower and inspire transformation of consciousness through the demonstration of spiritual maturity, engaged listening and positive action in the world. We commit ourselves to what we learn. We are a source of light to every life we touch.

Why Become a Still Point Life Coach?
Interesting Facts

Life Coaches assist people with making decisions about how to improve their personal and professional lives. Like counselors, Life Coaches use effective questions and mentorship to help people awaken inspiration and propel positive action.

According to Indeed.com, the average Life Coach earns a salary of $49,000.00 annually. It also states that Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in this country.

The Still Point Program is comprehensive and unique in both approach and philosophy. When you enroll in the program, you will be interviewed to find the very best fit for your interests, talents and abilities. Whether you want to become a health and wellness coach, spiritual life coach, leadership coach, or corporate coach, we offer an incredible tool box of resources for both your personal use and for your future clients.

Additionally, The Still Point Program is individualized and tailored to fit your life. The program is given in two - 6 month increments which consist of weekly individualized sessions, comprehensive homework assignments, workshops featuring special guest speakers, and a library of books and videos available for rental that will support your particularly field of interest. You will also be supported in workshops on how to market your business and sustain your success.

By completing both segments of the program, you will become an internationally recognized Life Coach and will be eligible to receive credentials from the International Coach Federation.

How do I get started?
Being the change you wish to see in the world.

Contact Avantika at:
Amber Moon Wellness

Reasonably priced. Payment plans available.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The 10 Values of the Still Point Healing Method

In developing the Still Point curriculum, I have been inspired and transformed by the simple and powerful wisdom of  yogic, Buddhist and Native American precepts and principles. I have worked hard to create a program that speaks directly to our calling and purpose at this pivotal time in human history.
As a student of spiritual philosophy and human psychology, I have had the opportunity to expose myself, and others, to the amalgamation of several universal truths. It is with pleasure that I share them with you here:

Know that who you are, and what you do, is of great value.
In this moment, you are different than you have ever been before. Change happens so slowly, that sometimes we miss it. It is only when we look back over time that we can see our own personal progression. The purpose of life is to learn and grow. It is also an incredible gift. Perhaps you have heard the phrase, life is Earth School and sometimes you have to pay your tuition. No matter your personal values and beliefs, I think we can all agree that we are so lucky to be alive. You don't have to be perfect, you don't need to "fit in"; instead, you deserve to relax and simply be you. I invite you to trust yourself, to trust your life, and nurture your gifts as you celebrate the unique gifts and talents of others.

Make your vocation a celebration.
Joshua Rosenthal, founder and director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, advises his students to "find work that you love or a way to love the work that you have." (Rosenthal, pg 204)
We spend more than a third of our time working. It is not at all surprising that a great deal of our stress is related to this thing called "work". I invite you to take some time to really look at your career as an expression of your soul self here on Earth. Ask yourself if you are happy doing the work you do, and how you can best evoke pleasure and passion in your vocation.
Our current economic climate is causing many of us to consider our occupational options. Many of my friends and students have started their own businesses in the past two years. In fact, historically some of the most iconic companies were founded during economic downtimes, according to Jeremy Gutsche, CEO of Trend Hunter. Disney, Hiatt, MTV, CNN, and General Electric are just a few of the successful companies that were founded during an economic recession. This fact gives us great hope and encouragement to think outside of the box.
You can also look at the stresses in your current occupation and create opportunities out of your talents and abilities. Remember that you do have the power to transform the world and that your unique energy is vital to the diversity and wonder of life.

Treat your body like the temple it is.
This includes eating foods that promote life and then eating in a conscious and mindful way. Additionally, it includes drinking pure clean water and liquids, moving your body in ways that bring you joy, and getting enough rest to support your commitments to yourself and others. When we don't treat our bodies with kindness and respect, we are more inclined to become sick, stressed, and run-down. Your body is the only vehicle you have to live and express here on Earth. Treat it well and give thanks for the ability to make good choices for yourself. When you do indulge, let yourself experience the pleasure of your treat. Guilt can be just as toxic to your body as fat and sugar. As with all things, seek balance in your foods and activities. 

Find a community that supports your highest and best.
You are as strong as the company you keep. Having a group of supportive people who care about you is necessary to sustain any level of balance and growth. It is so important to have mentors and friends who provide a conscious mirror for you. These are the people who ground you in love and encourage your light. If you feel that this is a missing ingredient in your life - join a class that interests you. We have a wonderful group of people who meet weekly on Monday nights from 6-7:30pm, and we invite anyone who is looking for support and community. Check out our website at www.ambermoonwellness.com for more details.

Practice Consistency, honesty and kindness in all interactions.
It is so refreshing to be around people who we can count on to be truthful, consistent, and kind. Exemplifying these qualities is truly a spiritual practice. Words carry tremendous power. Speaking haphazardly causes pain and karma. It feels awful to participate in conversations where promises are broken, or where dishonesty and reactivity occurs. Transformational teachers, leaders and real friends care about their words. Beginning today, I encourage you to speak less and listen more. I invite you to practice non-violence in your words and actions. Then, watch the positive results unfold from this simple, yet powerful practice.  

Renew your heart and soul daily.
Whether you like to meditate, pray, journal, or do yoga, make the commitment to get in touch with your spirit daily. By doing so, you create a very strong foundation for life and all the unexpected pleasures that come with it. A spiritual practice steadies the mind, renews the body, and makes you better equipped to interact with daily stress in a good way. You don't have to be religious in any way to get benefits from this simple commitment.
My favorite way to practice is to get up early, before my family arises and the phone starts ringing, and gently stretch and meditate with a cup of tea and the rising sun. 

Be the light in all situations.
We can spend our entire lives waiting for other people to change to suit our high and mighty expectations; or we can, as Mahatma Gandhi instructed, be the light we wish to see in the world. You have the potential to be the Still Point, the harbor in a storm. Seek to understand, seek to exemplify beauty in thought, word and deed. My mentor, Liz Turner, once said "shine light on light, and when you do so, the light gets brighter and everyone benefits from it." We create a healing field when we are authentically kind and positive. This does not mean that we don't have reactions, after all, we are human. The idea is to be real and clean about our reactions. Experience what is coming up, but don't dwell there, don't let it define you. You are much bigger than your wounds My Dears.

Eliminate all toxins in your life.
This isn't just about chemicals in the atmosphere or the pesticides and preservatives in our foods, it is also about toxic relationships and situations that bring us down. Just because you have had a friend for a long time doesn't mean that you have to remain friends forever. I love the quote that goes, "We attract people into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime." We are constantly evolving and changing, so are our friends and relations. When your consciousness no longer matches your friendships it takes a great deal of energy to keep these relationships alive. I encourage you to practice grace and fluidity in your relationships. There is no need to burn a bridge. Be kind and stand in your power. There may come a time a time when your paths will cross again.

Nature Nurtures.
Our bodies thrive on fresh air and movement. Move your body because it feels delicious and encourages perspective and clarity. 
Living in New England during the winter can really challenge our mood, but winter is so much harder when we stay cooped up inside. The outdoors expands our personal energy body. When we honor the changing seasons, we honor our individual cycles as well. I encourage you to adjust your activity level to match each season. Ski, snowshoe, make a snowman or create snow angels with your friends or children, go sledding or bundle up and have a winter bonfire (burn the Christmas tree!) Nature is a big and mighty force, so let yourself get big and mighty with it.
Trust your life.
There is a miracle happening right now, it is called life. Empower yourself by taking time to remember this fact. Even my father and brother, who are engineers and atheists, sometimes stand in awe of the miraculous universe. This life thing is pretty cool, don't you think? It is an incredible opportunity to wake up each day, to kiss and hug our loved ones, to eat yummy food, to breathe fresh air and do whatever it is that brings us pleasure. Without life, this could not happen. Can you trust that you are in the perfect place at the perfect time? No regrets, nor fear? Just how free would you be if you could stand in this knowing?
Bless you in all that you are and all that you do!


*The next Still Point Methods Training Begins in April, 2011.
If you would like more information or set up a personal session with Avantika or Amy, please contact us at: info@ambermoonwellness.com or by calling 207.439.1145.

Monday, October 4, 2010

An Affirmation to my Body

An Affirmation to my Body
To be recited before meals
Dearest Body of mine:
I recognize that you are the temple in which my spirit and creative energy dwell.
I have created you from my need to have my spirit
Manifest on Earth, so I may have this time to learn and grow.
I offer you this food so that you may continue to sustain
My creative energy, my spirit, my soul.
I offer this food to you with love & a sincere desire for you to remain free from disease & disharmony.
I accept you as my creation.
I need you.
I love you.

What is Still Point?

The Still Point Healing Method is a holistic approach to physical, mental, and emotional health.  The purpose of the Still Point Healing Program is to assist people in recognizing their opportunities for growth and success in any area of life. The Still Point Healer program is specifically designed for people seeking in-depth instruction in hands-on healing, coaching others toward success and consistently attuning to a sustained vibration of consciousness while learning to assist others in doing the same. The core curriculum is presented in two parts, Level I and Level II, which are taught in six month increments.

Our Organization

We are an organization of practitioners dedicated to the promotion of health and well-being through compassionate listening, co-creative consciousness and teaching the tools that facilitate positive long-term change.  We are here to empower and inspire transformation of consciousness through spiritual maturity, engaged listening, and positive action in the world.  We commit ourselves to live what we learn.  We are a source of light to every life we touch.